Frequently Asked Questions

What are DIY Cornice Kits made of?

DIY Cornice Kits are made of a high quality and super dense foam.  This is how we can obtain a lightweight cornice kit that is easily assembled, decorated and hung.

How do I determine how much fabric I need?

To determine the required fabric simply add 27" to the width of the window.  

example...  40" window... 40" plus 27" equals 67" of fabric

if you added more clearance per side than the 1" or 2" then you will need to add more to accommodate this measurement.

You mean I need to do this myself?

Yes, the concept is designed to save money compared to the expensive cornice companies.  Simply set aside an afternoon to complete this project.

Should I use batting?

Batting is not recommended as it makes the cornice lose the sharp and crisp corners and edges.  It also adds weight requiring more brackets.  Batting makes the whole process complicated.

What color of fabric do you have?

The beauty of DIY Cornice Kits is that you choose the fabric you like from any fabric store.

How is my order shipped to me?

Your order is shipped in the correct number of 16" pieces for the face of the cornice to reach your window width, end caps to match the bracket size, and all hardware required to mount the cornice to the wall.  

How are the cornice pieces held together?

The cornice pieces are held together using a low temperature glue gun and dual temperature glue sticks.

How far apart are the brackets spaced?

The brackets on the 15" and 16" drop height kits are spaced every 24" and for the 12" and smaller drop height kits they are spaced every 32".  There should always be a bracket on both ends within 4" of the end caps.