How DIY Cornice Kits Work

1. Assemble!!!

Applying glue to the cornice kit

Assemble the pieces of the cornice kit using a low temperature glue gun and dual temperature sticks.  With the option of having us cut your cornice kit to size, your kit is ready to assemble when it arrives.  Simply apply a liberal amount of glue and align the front of the cornice kit.  Hold the pieces for 30 to 45 seconds while the glue cools and dries!

2. Decorate!!!

tucking the material into the tuck groove

Decorate the assembled cornice kit using the fabric of your choice.  Simply pick any fabric from any fabric store to create the custom look that matches your decor!  The material is simply tucked in the tuck grooves with the supplied tuck tool.  Since the fabric is tucked in, you can change the fabric as often as you change your decor!


sliding the bracket into the groove without an end cap so you can see where the bracket is inserted

Hang the decorated cornice kit at the desired height with our one of a kind bracket system. There is no need to find the stud since the cornice is so lightweight.  Each kit comes with enough brackets and hardware to be spaced every 24" to 32".  Simply slide the bracket into the back tuck grooves for hassle free installation!