How To Order


48" starter kit.

Start with a 48" Starter Kit

Measure your window and add desired clearance on the left and right of the window.


Start with a 48" starter kit based on the style you like.  This kit includes 2 end caps, 3 - 16" pieces, 2 brackets, tuck tool, mounting hardware, and instruction sheet.

2 piece extension

Add 16" or 32" Extension Kits To Reach Your Desired Window Width

If your window is wider that 48" you will need to add enough 16" or 32" extension kits for your desired width.  Each 32" kit comes with a bracket and hardware.  The 16" kit does not come with brackets or hardware.

assembled cornice kit


Verify you have ordered enough kits and pieces for all of your windows. 


EX.  An 80" window would need...

1 ea 48" Starter Kit and 1 ea 32" Extension kit


Call 623-349-0374 with any questions