DIY Cornice Kits add color to any room by using any fabric! They can be used over blinds, draperies, and shutters!
Constructed of High Density Styrofoam!

General Instructions

Measuring the Window...

Measure the widest items on the window such as trim, curtain rods, or blinds.  Add 1" per side (minimum) for clearance.  You can add more if that is the look you are going for.

Ex.  Window measures 40"  40" + 2" = 42"

Determine the drop height you would like...

By using a sheet of 8 1/2" by 11" paper you can determine the height that works best for you. Simply hold the paper in landscape to simulate our 9" drop height, turn it to portrait to simulate our 12" drop height. If you would like it taller, order our 15" drop height.  If the 9" drop height is too large, order a 6" drop height.

Determine the style that works best for your window...

Browse through our selections and determine the look that fits your style.  We offer the following styles and drop heights to fit your requirements.

Avalon - 3 contours offered in a 6", 9", 12", and 15" drop height

Brandenburg - 2 contours offered in a 16" drop height

Cosmopolitan - flat traditional design offered in 6", 9", 12", and 15" drop height

Dawn - 1 contour offered in an 8" drop height

Elenore - 2 contours offered in a 7", 9" and 12" drop height

Tudor - Unique design is wide at the left and right sides and available in 15" - 12" - 15" and 12" - 9" - 12" drop heights

Determine how much fabric you will need...

To determine how much fabric you will need simply add 27" to the width of the window when using the 5" brackets or 24" when using the 3" brackets.  For example if you are ordering a 42" window kit with 5" brackets then you would need 69" of fabric or 1.44 yards of fabric.

Determine bracket size...

To determine the bracket size measure how much clearance you will need from the wall to the end of the item that protrudes the most. For example most curtain rods are 4 1/2" off the wall. In this case you would need the 5" brackets.  The 5" bracket allows for 5" of clearance from the wall to the back of the cornice. The 3" bracket allows for 3" of clearance from the back of the cornice to the wall. If you need less clearance or more clearance custom made brackets can be ordered. Please call with specifications or order through the bracket section.

Special windows...

Some windows require special adapters such as a bay window, inside mount window, or 2 windows in a corner.  We offer kits that will fit your needs.  The bay window and corner adapter can handle those angles that are from 45 to 90 degrees.  An inside mount window kit allows you to go between 2 cabinets or walls where there is no need for the end caps.


All orders are shipped via USPS.  The kits are shipped in 16" or 16 1/2" pieces depending on the style you ordered. If you ordered an 80" cornice kit it would arrive to you in 5 pieces measuring 16".

Kit contents...

All kits include everything you need to assemble and decorate your cornice kit with the exception of the low temperature glue gun, glue sticks, and fabric.  The kit includes enough pieces of cornice kit to reach the widow size you ordered, end caps, mounting brackets for every 24" to 32", mounting hardware, tool for tucking the fabric in the tuck groove, and instructions.

Return Policy

To receive a refund DIY Cornice Kits must receive notification within 5 days of the delivery date.  All returns must be received within 14 days of return approval.

The product must not be damaged to include signs of assembly.  This includes cutting, glueing, or tucking of any sort.  Must be packed as delivered to avoid damage.

The buyer must pay to ship the product back.

A refund will be issued minus a 20% restock fee to cover processing costs.

To return an item send an e-mail to with your name, date of purchase and reason for return.  

All kits sent back to DIY Cornice Kits without return approval will not be refunded.